Warum der richtige Sport-BH so wichtig ist.

The right sports bra is really important.

Here you can find out why the right sports bra is so important for your sports session and how you can recognize your perfect sports bra.Whether it's Pilates, weight training or running, the sports bra has to fit perfectly while also providing optimal comfort. Such stresses and strains do not leave their mark on the skin and tissue. Therefore, it is important - from an aesthetic point of view alone - to protect the breasts preventively with sports bras. They offer the ideal compression, the necessary support and reduce the breast movements by about 70 percent during your sports activities.

Surely you know that there is a wide range of sports bras, whether in price or quality. We would like to show you a few tips and tricks on how to find your right sports bra among this large selection.

The 4 most important sports bra criteria

Supporting and holding together function during the sport

As already mentioned, the support function for the chest is extremely important during sports activities. Depending on the intensity of the sport, the selection of the supporting function can vary.

Intensity Level 1:

This includes walking, Pilates or yoga, for example. The body is subjected to a low physical sporting load. The breast and the tissue should nevertheless receive light support. Sports bras with a lightly fitting chest band and narrow straps are used here.

Intensity Level 2:

The following sports concern this level: inline skating, dance sports or even Zumba. The body is subjected to more strain and, based on this, also needs more intensive relief. This can be achieved by a tight-fitting chest band, wider straps and, for example, a back cross at the back.

Intensity Level 3:

This level includes all highly physically demanding sports activities, such as ball sports activities. The body needs strong chest support, which can be provided by a tight-fitting chest band and firm straps.

Intensity Level 4:

Running and martial arts are among the highest intensity sports activities for the body. Therefore, optimal and intensive breast support is very important here. The sports bras should have the breasts supported by a strong chest band, wide and strong straps and pads for optimal compression. If the pads do not provide the right comfort, they are usually also removable.The material composition (textiles and technology) for pleasant sports moments.The sports bra should be flexible and elastic for a perfect sports experience. Only in this way can the garment adapt to the body's movements. Microfiber fabrics are in demand and especially recommended, as they are breathable - especially important for sports - and dry quickly. For example, there is the "Lite fabric", which dries again particularly quickly and is very breathable. So particularly suitable for sports activities.

Balancing the moisture of the sports bra

Quite clearly, sports stimulate sweat production and we sweat. The sports bra must also counteract this impairment. This is also counteracted by functional texture structures and specially selected materials.

The comfort and fit of the sports bra

Every manufacturer has the intention to adjust the wearing comfort and the fit as best as possible for sports. Therefore, especially in sports bras adjustable underbust bands and straps are attached to allow the best wearing experience. As already mentioned, the wearing comfort is extremely significant for your sports session. Not only the workmanship and fabric should be prioritized. It already starts with the optimal cup size. But you should also know your underbust measurement. You can measure it yourself:

Place the tape measure directly under your chest and hold it tight. Please make sure that the tape measure under the breast is at the same height as the back. Your determined value you then put the size table of your desired sports bra against and find out your appropriate size.

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Congratulations on your flawless sports bra!


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