Emana Fabric

Emana®, is an intelligent polyamide yarn, has bioactive minerals that absorb human body heat and emit long infrared rays back to the body, providing cosmetic and sporting benefits with a lot of comfort and well-being. When in contact with the skin, it improves its firmness and elasticity and helps to reduce the signs of cellulite. Helps to reduce muscle fatigue and promote faster muscle recovery for those who practice sports activities. These benefits have been scientifically proven by extensive studies, with strict protocols, in renowned universities and institutes. Emana® won the 2014 ICIS Innovation Awards as “Best Product Innovation” and this fabric has Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring that there are no harmful substances present in the product.

Atlétika Fabric

Atlétika is a high performance microfilament fabric, developed with kitten sport technology, offering greater resistance and durability to the garment. In addition to offering UV 50+ protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, the fabric reduces vibrations and muscle tension, providing better athletic performance. Its composition with a high percentage of “Lycra” guarantees a thicker fabric, with elasticity adjusted in the width and an excellent level of compression.

New Zealand Fabric

New Zealand (NZ) fabric is known for its soft feel and comfort, able to follow your body's every movement with ease. The polyamide microfibers, together with elastane, provide elasticity and adequate fit to enhance the body's silhouette, without squeezing or causing discomfort. Its “Thermal Comfort” technology keeps your dry skin fresh and dry for longer. This material also offers UV 50+ protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.

Lite Fabric

The Lite fabric has the "Dry" technology, which offers quick drying, a very important feature for those who are exercising, in addition to this attribute it also has the "antimicrobial" technology that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and consequently inhibits unwanted odors during physical activities. In addition to its technologies, this fabric provides a comfortable and soft touch when in contact with the skin.

Balance Fabric

The balance fabric feels pleasant when in contact with the skin, due to its subtly velvety texture. It was developed with microfibers that guarantee excellent breathability for the skin and fast drying. This fabric has a bactericidal finish, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and odors.

Eco Soul Fabric

Eco Soul sustainable fabric was developed with the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world. It has an improved formula that speeds up and reduces clothing biodegradation for about 3 years (under proper conditions), rather than decades. This technology maintains the durability and quality of the piece, even offering softness, lightness and comfort for its users.

Atlanta Fabric

Atlanta fabric is known for being compact, without any transparency, with full coverage, even when stowed during physical activities. It has an exceptional recovery power and adjustment to the body. It was developed with shiny thread, which offers a delicate and charming finish to the pieces.

Suplex Fabric

Suplex fabric is light, very resistant and elastic, adjusting to the curves of the body with ease and returning to its original shape without deformation after being used. This fabric provides more support to the body and firmness during movements. In its "plush" version it has a light plush on the inside of the piece.