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Activewear for Sophisticated Women

Functional fabrics, perfect fit for every body, high wearing comfort and exclusive designs make you look really good in sports or in your free time. The high-quality workmanship of our products ensures durability and longevity. Features such as quick drying and high breathability make our products innovative. Nova Cabana Activewear combines quality and functionality with chic and elegance and thus exceeds even the highest demands.

Large Sizes

We think that every body is beautiful. At Nova Cabana you will therefore find activewear that is precisely designed for your body shape and size. Always with the optimal fit and support function. Nova Cabana stands for intelligent clothing that optimally shapes every female body and is pleasant and comfortable to wear at the same time. Big is beautiful!

Stunning Tops

Our product range extends from fantastic tops to sports bras with the right support, tank tops, exciting T-Shirts to sweat-repellent jackets. Everything you need to be perfectly styled for any weather and in any location.

Exciting bottoms

Nova Cabana equips you with the trendiest bottoms: unusual skirts, shorts, leggings, jogging pants, jumpsuits and everything your heart desires.

Comfortable underwear

Our special sports underwear was designed to make your training as comfortable as possible. The highly absorbent and breathable fabrics absorb your perspiration and ensure quick drying and release into the air. In cooler situations, our breathable underwear protects you from freezing and at the same time ensures optimal hold and a great feeling on the skin. The optimal fit gives you the feeling that your underwear is part of you, and it also prevents unpleasant friction and any resistance.

Comfortable sport shoes

Our shoes are your contact with the ground. They ensure a secure hold and thus protect you from sports injuries caused by incorrect footwear. Our running shoes optimally cushion your steps while jogging, indoor shoes ensure the right grip both on the floor and on training equipment. And of course our shoes are also the perfect companions in your free time, so that everything runs smoothly.


What to do with your clothes after training? No problem for us: Put it in one of our stylish and practical sports bags. Thanks to the sophisticated materials, our sports bags are so breathable that no waterlogging and therefore no mold can build up.

Clever divisions in the interior do not allow you only the storage of your activewear, but also your drinking bottle, sports nutrition and other utensils such as keys, cell phone, credit card & amp; Co. And so that you can enjoy your favorite bag for as long as possible, we have made sure that you can even wash your new favorite bag. Our variety of colors means there is something for everyone.

Exclusive collections

Die "Connection Collection" (bald verfügbar)
Die "Self Love Collection"
Die "Essence Collection"
Die "Sensation Collection"