O pequeno Nazareno

The Little Nazareno

Nova CabanaAid Procjets – The Little Nazareno

"The Little Nazareno has existed for over 25 years and has become the largest aid organization for street children in Brazil. The aid organization of the same name "O pequeno Nazareno" was founded by the native German Bernardo Rosemeyer.

The aid organization works and helps street children in Brazil in many ways. There are two children's villages in Brazil for street children. One near the metropolis of Fortaleza and one near the metropolis of Recife. There is also a townhouse in Manaus. In these children's villages the street children, who often lived for several years under the most miserable conditions on the street, receive school and vocational training and the way into a new future is prepared for them. 
In addition to the children's villages, Little Nazareno also works primarily in the families from which the children once ran away. The parents and siblings of the street children can take part in vocational courses and they are helped, for example, to find a job. Often only minor changes are needed to free the whole family from their difficulty with the aim that the street children are also reintegrated into the family.
 On a political level, Little Nazareno has started a nationwide campaign with the aim of bringing all organizations trying to help street children to one table and to establish uniform guidelines for working with street children. The Ministry for Children, Youth and Family recently asked Little Nazareno to develop guidelines for new laws that would enable street children to be helped with efficient care and to enable them to lead a decent life.