• Figure shaping
  • Breathable
  • UV protection
  • High Performance Material
  • High Waist
  • Non-slip
  • Compression
  • Butt lift

The leggings Emana Colorful from CajuBrasil are stylish and versatile sports leggings. The look is shiny with nice details such as colorful stripes on the outside of the legs. The Emana fabric used here ensures high resistance and durability, reduces the vibrations of the muscle tissue and muscle tension and thus ensures better sporting performance.

The “Emana®” fabric is a smart polyamide yarn that contains bioactive minerals that absorb human body heat and emit infrared rays to the body. This has cosmetic and sporting benefits.

The firmness and elasticity of the skin is improved and it helps to reduce the signs of cellulite. These properties help reduce muscle fatigue during sporting activities while accelerating muscle regeneration.

The leggings are ideal for the gym, yoga, longer jogging sessions and competitive sports.

Material: Emana - 88% polyamide / 12% elastane; 73.75% polyamide / 26.25% elastane
Country of manufacture: Brazil
Brand: CajuBrasil